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Naída CI Q70

Partners For Better Hearing
Partners for better hearing Phonak and Advanced Bionics have released their new Naída CI Q70 sound processor. The new processor sports a new thinner & smaller design, performance enhancements brought by Phonak, and a plethora of wireless connectivity options. It is an exciting time to be getting a cochlear implant.

Full Performance Package

  • 55% improvement in speech understanding in noise when Advanced Bionics ClearVoiceTM technology and the PHonak UltraZoom feature are used together.
  • 100% wireless connectivity to consumer electronics - streaming from Bluetooth devices, phones, and countless other popluar products by leading brands, including Apple, Samsung, and Nokia.
  • Bimodal first - media can be streamed to a compatible Phonak hearing aid and a Naida CI sound processor at the same time!
  • All - new Binaural VoiceStream TechnologyTM designed for improved hearing in noise.
  • First-ever bilateral feature for easy use and peace of mind - each processor can be programmed for both sides so the best ear can still hear if a processor is misplaced.
  • 40% smaller than the previous behind-the-ear sound processor - incredibly lightweight for barely noticeable on and off-ear comfort.
  • Proven Advanced Bionics technology, including ClearVoice, AutoSoundTM, HiRes Fidelity 120TM, and HiResTM Optima sound processing.
  • All - new, discreet T-MicTM 2