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Treatment of Meniere's disease with the low-pressure pulse generator (Meniett device).

TitleTreatment of Meniere's disease with the low-pressure pulse generator (Meniett device).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsGates GA
JournalExpert Rev Med Devices
Date Published2005 Sep
KeywordsClinical Trials as Topic, Equipment Design, Equipment Failure Analysis, Humans, Meniere Disease, Physical Stimulation, Physical Therapy Modalities, Pressure, Treatment Outcome

<p>Until recently, surgery was the only treatment option for people with disabling Meniere's disease that did not respond to adequate medical therapy. A new intermediate level treatment modality, the Meniett device, which applies low-pressure micropulses to the inner ear, has now been shown to be safe and effective. The device is portable and self-administered, requiring a 5-min three-times daily application for an indefinite period. Placement of a tympanostomy tube in the ear drum of the affected ear is necessary. Patient acceptance has been high. Long-term success in control of vertigo is over 80%. Although hearing loss is not improved, Meniett device usage does not adversely affect balance, as do most forms of surgical therapy. Use of the device does not preclude later surgical therapy.</p>

Alternate JournalExpert Rev Med Devices
Citation KeyCK30
PubMed ID16293064