Degenerative Vestibulopathy

Imbalance of aging comes from degenerative changes in the inner ears and balance areas of the brain. This is a normal process of aging. [1]

STEADI – Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries

Elderly Precautions: Walking and Other Restrictions:

  • Never walk in the dark. Always use night lights. Never walk out of doors at night.
  • Avoid irregular terrain, day or night. Always have assistance of another person over irregular terrain. Avoid sloped hills and driveways.
  • Modify bathroom to have a walk-in shower, shower bars, shower bench, hand held shower.
  • Install an elevated toilet seat. Install toilet bars.
  • Use a walker at all times. Never go without the walker indoors or out of doors.
  • Every day, practice stop-and-watch-feet-go-over carpet-tile interface, all door thresholds, steps, curbing, or any other elevation change.
  • Never read while walking.
  • Use a 3 or 4 wheeled walker with handbrakes and bench.
  • Never use a ladder, step stool, get on roofs, or be near the edge of a cliff or similar area where unprotected from falling.


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