Elizabeth Simmons Powers, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Simmons Powers joined the team after completing her clinical residency at Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance Center in May 2017. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Communications Science and Disorders in 2013 and her Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D.) degree from the University of South Florida in May 2017. Dr. Simmons Powers is trained in the areas of comprehensive audiological evaluations for patients of all ages, advanced hearing technology, osseointegrated (bone-anchored) hearing devices, electrophysiology (including electrocochleography, vestibular evoked myogenic potentials, and auditory brainstem response), videonystagmography, and rotary chair testing. She also has experience performing canalith repositioning maneuvers. Dr. Simmons Powers is a licensed audiologist in the state of Florida and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.