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HYPOTHESIS: Treatment with the Meniett device, which applies intermittent micropressure pulses to the inner ear through a tympanostomy tube, is effective in controlling vertigo in people with intractable M'eni`eretextquoterights disease.

STUDY DESIGN: Short-term, preliminary descriptive report.

METHODS: Ten patients with intractable vertigo despite adequate medical therapy elected to use the Meniett device. After placement of a standard tympanostomy tube, the patient self-administers the Meniett device three times daily.

RESULTS: The follow-up ranged from 3 to 11 months with an average of 8 months. All 10 patients responded to the therapy with vertigo control in 9 of 10 and a 50% reduction in the 10th case. There was a mean hearing gain of 6 dB, which was statistically significant. There were no major complications. Two subjects required tube reinsertion during the 8 months of follow-up.

CONCLUSIONS: Use of the Meniett device is an effective and safe option for people with intractable vertigo from M'eni`eretextquoterights disease.