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We report three cases of small cerebellar infarcts mimicking labyrinthine dysfunction. A sudden rotatory vertigo might be the only presenting symptom of a cerebellar infarct. In these cases, the clinical features may closely mimick an acute peripheral labyrinthine disorder. However, the absence of nystagmus or a direction changing nystagmus with different eye position and the normality of caloric responses may be suggestive of a cerebellar infarct. This syndrome may be explained by the involvement of the nodulus, part of the flocculo-nodular complex, that has primary vestibular connections. Cerebellar infarcts mimicking labyrinthine dysfunctions involved usually the cerebellar territory of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA). Infarcts may be limited to the territory of the medial branch of the PICA which supplies the nodulus.